Two new pages have been added to the Pages page (that was a mouthful)!  Progress!  Look for more soon, especially this summer.  I'm also looking for ways to make this site more immersive - maybe comments, membership, something.  Eventually the forum will be revamped and hosted on this domain as well.  Meanwhile, send all your ideas and such to me via email: xathiador@khthon.com - I will respond to everyone!

~ Xathiador
Fixing things, adding things...

Well!  I'm still here, workin'.  Still solving some basic design problems--I thought the old background was too boring, and the colors weren't lining up correctly, so I created that little light explosion and re-saved a few images of the Pantheon.  Eventually this little icon here top my right will be changing.  There is still a lot more art that needs to be done, for promo and various web things, but I'm looking forward to it.  Also, two new pages are almost finished!  Stay tuned for those.  I've got some ideas to make this site more snappy and I'm re-doing all the character sheets.  They'll appear this summer probably.

~ Xathiador

Hello!  Been working on some tweaks and various things.  You may have noticed that the javascript gallery in the 'pages' section was having trouble loading the full-size images.  Hopefully that's not the case anymore.  Adding new things here and there and finishing up the pages that weren't complete.  More later!

~ Xathiador

There's certainly a lot more work to be done here, but I'm quite excited to present you this site for Strife of Khthon!  The website's been developed slowly over the course of a year and a half (with lots of gaps for various kinds of work), and the forum is not yet ready, but it will be soon enough.  Stay tuned!

~ Xathiador